The PalliaTech Difference

Vertical integration

PalliaTech’s vertically integrated, “seed-to sale” business model enables the firm’s network of affiliated entities to function at optimal levels of operational efficiency and excellence across all facets of the enterprise, from cultivation to processing to distribution.

Geographic reach

PalliaTech’s multi-state presence is among the broadest in the industry. Operations and/or licenses are in place in ten states representing important East and West coast markets. Entry into additional states is expected soon.

Advanced cultivation and processing techniques

Leveraging its sophisticated cultivation methods and expertise in agronomy, PalliaTech is capable of growing a vast array of high-quality strains of cannabis indoors and outdoors at a lower cost and at higher yields than its competitors.

All plant products are processed in-house into oils for vaping, edibles, tinctures and other products.

Through the deployment of state-of-the-art cultivation and processing techniques — combined with a strong research and development infrastructure – the company has steadily provided patients with a safe, reliable and consistent product within every market it serves.

Research and development

PalliaTech invests substantially in its research and development capabilities. It capitalizes upon these investments as a market differentiator – and also to ensure that patients receive the best possible product for addressing their medical needs.

Guided by an advisory board of respected medical experts, PalliaTech partners with universities, doctors, scientists and business advisors to advance scientific development – and to devise new extraction and processing techniques with the help of its proprietary, lab-testing technology. This unique lab-testing technology also enables the PalliaTech network to continuously build out its database of various strains and quality of product from various growers.

Patient care

PalliaTech is intensely proud of its commitment to patients.

Its dispensary network chiefly does business under PalliaTech’s patient-facing Curaleaf brand. Curaleaf’s dispensaries are staffed by devoted and experienced teams that provide the highest-quality patient care under strict regulatory and safety standards. Team members work closely with patients to ensure they are making the best product choices.

PalliaTech’ s subsidiaries have also initiated a range of doctor and patient education programs through their dispensaries across multiple states.


PalliaTech has rapidly developed an excellent national reputation as reliable partners within the medical cannabis community among patients, business partners and government officials.

Working closely with lawmakers, regulators and other public officials, the company and its affiliates play an active role in shaping and promoting public policies that serve the long-term interests of the medical cannabis industry as a whole. PalliaTech proudly helps to nurture the creation of a medical cannabis sector in the United States that is transparent, responsible and accountable — and that encourages local economic development.

Growth potential

PalliaTech is well-capitalized for growth in existing markets – and poised for new growth. The company deploys its capitalization to expand the business and to continuously build out its research and development capabilities.

The firm’s operating entities have a consistent record of successful entry into fast-growing, new markets – and then rapidly building highly competent management teams in those new territories. These companies are also proficient in filing applications for medical cannabis licenses.

With the company’s controlling shareholder base rooted in the private equity sector, PalliaTech has positioned itself for ongoing expansion by consistently creating value for investors.

Our Brand: CuraleafTM

PalliaTech is the holding company for the Curaleaf brand of medical cannabis products and retail dispensaries across the U.S.

Based on the knowledge and expertise of PalliaTech’s product development and processing teams, Curaleaf’s medical cannabis products are of the highest standards of quality. Our processing labs meet ISO 8 pharmaceutical standards, and all products undergo rigorous testing. Product formats include a wide variety of dosable concentrates, flower, edibles, topicals, and other infused products.

Curaleaf dispensaries and services set the standard in the industry. From the design of the facilities, the expertise of the staff and the resources made available to patients from registration to post-visit follow up, Curaleaf offers a knowledgeable, credible and compassionate experience to all who visit. Curaleaf operates the largest dispensary on the east coast in New Jersey, as well as the first drive-thru dispensary in the U.S. for
patients in Florida. In addition, Curaleaf offers:

  • New patient private consultations
  • Online ordering for pick-up in the dispensary*
  • Online ordering for delivery*
  • A loyalty rewards program
  • Educational workshops
  • Compassionate Care discounts for veterans, children, senior citizens, and low-income patients
  • Educational outreach programs for physicians

Curaleaf™dispensaries rigorously comply with all state legal and regulatory requirements.

Services may vary by state*