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The trusted biotech leader in product development, scientific advancement, and accessibility in the cannabis industry.

PalliaTech is a holding company with controlling investments in cannabis operations in eleven states. Its national network of operating entities leverages its extensive research and development capabilities to cultivate and process medical cannabis that sets a standard for safety, effectiveness and consistent quality. Through its Curaleaf™ subsidiary, PalliaTech is the first cannabis company to achieve Global Food Safety Standards (SQF-certified), which is a testament to delivering safe and quality products to patients across the United States.

Committed to providing the best possible care for patients, PalliaTech’s operating companies invest in education and advocacy efforts to advance the science and accessibility of medical cannabis. Its network of operating companies collectively employs a national workforce of over 500 people. Plans for additional growth are actively in place.










PalliaTech’s highly qualified, in-house research and development team designs and operates cultivation facilities that meet good agricultural practices (GAP) while producing optimal yields of high-quality and consistent medical cannabis.


PalliaTech leverages its extensive research and development capabilities to train its subsidiaries in superior extraction techniques to formulate premium branded products, including oils for vaporizing, cartridges, concentrates and tinctures, as well as developing mints, capsules, edibles and flower pods.


Functioning primarily under the label of its patient-facing Curaleaf™ brand, the company’s associated entities operate fully licensed, clinic-like dispensaries for distribution of medical cannabis on both a wholesale and retail basis.

Recent testimonials

“I’m a grandmother, I’m a business owner, I’m a mother, I’m a wife. In 2012, I was diagnosed with a cancer. I had no intentions of having to take medical marijuana, but I believe it has definitely helped me. Anything that someone can use to help them have a better quality of life, I believe should be available.”


“I have what is known as “old age”, “old bones”, and spinal stenosis. What happened was that the muscles were being crushed and I was constant in pain on my thigh down to my knee. Constant pain. I went to acupuncture, I went to a chiropractor, and I took every kind of pain medicine you can imagine. All they did was made me throw up. Finally, finally, my doctor suggested that I try marijuana. I tried the liquid, the “puffs”. I took about 3 puffs and Bingo! I was out for the night. I had no pain and I was able to rest comfortably for like 10 hours. I couldn’t believe it.”


“I was involved in a serious car accident in which I was dragged on the side of a car for about a mile and received a traumatic brain injury in which it cracked my head open. I received seven open brain surgeries and developed epilepsy as well as anxiety, which kind of feed off of each other. Medical cannabis, CBD and low doses of THC helped me with both. I always come into Curaleaf because they have an amazing staff. [They’re] very friendly and they try to find what’s right for you.”


“I’ve done 5 tours in Iraq [and] two tours in Afghanistan. I have multiple injuries. I’ve been shot in the arm. I’ve been shot in the chest. I have slipped and herniated discs in my back and in my neck. My knees are damaged. My hands are damaged. They basically wanted me to take opiates for my entire life. Medical [cannabis] has gotten me off three abrasive medications. [It] could be our answer to the war on opioids.”


“The variety of the products that are available, the professionalism of the staff, the safety and security of the facility, these are all things that we want. If I am sending a patient there, I want them to get the best help from the best people that can give them the medication. And, that’s at Curaleaf!”

Dr. Ahmed EL-HADDAD, MD, trauma surgeon

“I see that Curaleaf is a very professional organization. They’re very patient-focused. I’ve had the opportunity to tour their dispensary. My opinion is that it’s very clean. It’s very well organized. It kind of looks like an Apple store. The staff is very knowledgeable about the products that they offer. But, more importantly, when I look at the different products that are available in our state, I’m looking at the strains of cannabis that they’re growing, the processing techniques and I find Curaleaf’s to be superior.”

Dr. Marcie Merson, interventional pain medicine physician

Our Team

Joseph Lusardi

President and CEO

Stuart Wilcox

Chief Operating Officer

Jonathan Faucher

EVP of Finance