Clinical Studies

No. Diagnosis Title Author(s) Year Medication(s) Design Major Outcome(s)
41 Gastrointestinal disorder,
Marijuana Use Patterns Among Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Courtwright A,
Korzenik JR,
Levine J.,
Lucci M,
Ravikoff Allegretti J
2013 Cannabis Survey Patients find cannabis very helpful for symptom control.
42 Appetite loss/weight loss,
A pilot study of the effects of cannabis on appetite hormones in HIV-infected adult men Ellis RJ,
Gouaux B,
Grant I,
Riggs PK,
Rossi SS,
Sorkin LS,
Vaida F
2012 Cannabis Controlled Study Cannabis administration was associated with significant increases in plasma levels of ghrelin and leptin, and decreases in PYY, but did not significantly influence insulin levels
43 Pain Lack of effect of central nervous system-active doses of nabilone on capsaicin-induced pain and hyperalgesia. Annas P,
Baxendale J,
Kalliomäki J,
Karlsten R,
Philipp A,
Segerdahl M
2012 Nabilone Controlled Study The cannabinoid had no significant effect on acute experimental pain.
44 Gastrointestinal disorder,
Konikoff FM. Cannabis induces a clinical response in patients with Crohn’s disease: a prospective placebo-controlled study Bar-Lev Schleider L,
Dotan I,
Konikoff FM,
Lansky EP,
Naftali T,
Sklerovsky Benjaminov F
2013 Cannabis Controlled Study Cannabis produced significant clinical benefits in 10 of 11 patients with active Crohn’s disease.
45 Cancer,
An open-label extension study to investigate the long-term safety and tolerability of THC/CBD oromucosal spray and oromucosal THC spray in patients with terminal cancer-related pain refractory to strong opioid analgesics Burnell-Nugent M,
Fallon MT,
Johnson JR,
Lossignol D
2013 Cannabis Open Study The cannabis extract Sativex was generally well tolerated, with no evidence of a loss of effect for pain relief.
46 Psychosis/schizophrenia A controlled family study of cannabis users with and without psychosis. Delisi LE.,
Fleming J,
Galvez-Buccollini JA,
Proal AC
2013 Cannabis Controlled Study Cannabis does not cause psychosis by itself
47 Dependency/withdrawal Cannabidiol for the treatment of cannabis withdrawal syndrome: a case report. Bergamaschi M,
Chagas MH,
Crippa JA,
Hallak JE,
Machado-de-Sousa JP,
Queiroz RH,
Zuardi AW
2013 Cannabidiol Uncontrolled case report They were no major withdrawal symptoms.
48 Cancer chemotherapy,
A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Crossover Pilot Trial With Extension Using an Oral Mucosal Cannabinoid Extract for Treatment of Chemotherapy-Induced Neuropathic Pain. Cesar-Rittenberg P,
Hohmann AG.,
Lynch ME
2013 Cannabis Controlled Study Five patients tended to respond to a treatment with cannabis
49 Multiple sclerosis,
Effect of dronabinol on progression in progressive multiple sclerosis (CUPID): a randomised, placebo-controlled trial. Ball S,
Cano MG,
Hobart J; on behalf of the CUPID investigator group.,
Mallik S,
McManus D,
Miller D,
Nunn A,
Vickery J,
Wright D,
Zajicek J
2013 Delta-9-THC Controlled Study THC, which was given for 36 months, had no effect on progression compared to placebo
50 Pain A double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover pilot trial with extension using an oral mucosal cannabinoid extract for treatment of chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain. Cesar-Rittenberg P,
Hohmann AG.,
Lynch ME
2014 Cannabis Controlled Study Reduction in pain intensity