Clinical Studies

No. Diagnosis Title Author(s) Year Medication(s) Design Major Outcome(s)
11 Increased Blood Pressure Following Abrupt Cessation of Daily Cannabis Use. Strain EC.,
Umbricht A,
Vandrey R.
2011 Cannabis,
Survey In 6 of 13 subjects blood pressure increased significantly after cessation of cannabis use.
12 Pain A Randomized, Controlled Study to Investigate the Analgesic Efficacy of Single Doses of the Cannabinoid Receptor-2 Agonist GW842166, Ibuprofen or Placebo in Patients With Acute Pain Following Third Molar Tooth Extraction. "Ostenfeld T,
Albanese M,
Bullman J,
Costantin C,
Guillard F,
Leeson R,
Meyer I,
Milleri S.",
Nocini PF,
Price J,
Ziviani L
2011 Other cannabinoids,
Controlled Study No superior analgetic effect of the synthetic cannabinoid GW842166 over placebo.
13 Diarrhoea,
Gastrointestinal disorder
Randomized pharmacodynamic and pharmacogenetic trial of dronabinol effects on colon transit in irritable bowel syndrome-diarrhea Burton D,
Camilleri M,
Carlson P,
Eckert D,
Ryks M,
Wong BS,
Zinsmeister AR
2012 Delta-9-THC,
Controlled Study THC had no significant effects on gut transit.
14 Gastrointestinal disorder,
Impact of cannabis treatment on the quality of life, weight and clinical disease activity in inflammatory bowel disease patients: a pilot prospective study Ben-Horin S,
Lahat A,
Lang A
2012 Cannabis,
Open Study Improvement in general health perception, social functioning, ability to work, physical pain and depression; weight gain; average rise in BMI; average Harvey-Bradshaw index was reduced
15 Pain Intractable neuropathic pain due to ulnar nerve entrapment treated with cannabis and ketamine 10%. Hesselink JM,
Kopsky DJ.
2012 Cannabis,
Uncontrolled case report Significant pain improvement with cannabis and ketamine.
16 Multiple sclerosis,
A questionnaire survey of patients and carers of patients prescribed Sativex as an unlicensed medicine. Notcutt WG. 2012 Cannabis,
Survey Most respondents experienced improvements across a range of symptoms.
17 Posttraumatic stress disorder Mitigation of post-traumatic stress symptoms by Cannabis resin: A review of the clinical and neurobiological evidence. Brandt SD,
Emrich HM,
Halpern JH,
Karst M,
Passie T
2012 Cannabis,
Uncontrolled case report Cannabis reduced course and intensity of symptoms.
18 Anxiety Effects of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol on evaluation of emotional images. Ballard ME,
Bedi G,
de Wit H.
2012 Delta-9-THC,
Controlled Study THC renders fearful faces less fearful
19 Dependency/withdrawal Dronabinol for the treatment of cannabis dependence: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Brooks DJ,
Cheng W,
Levin FR,
Mariani JJ,
Nunes EV,
Pavlicova M
2011 Delta-9-THC,
Controlled Study THC caused significant improvement in treatment retention and withdrawal symptoms.
20 Pain,
Cannabis derivatives therapy for a seronegative stiff-person syndrome: a case report. Antonino de la Camara G,
Dominguez Moran JA,
García Del Busto N,
Garcia-Llopis P,
Lopez Tinoco M,
Mejia Andujar L,
Peiro Vilaplana C,
Quintana Vergara B,
Sánchez Alcaraz A.,
Vicente-Valor MI
2012 Cannabis,
Uncontrolled case report The cannabis extract was effective in a patient with stiff person syndrome.